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What's this?

This is a playlist tool for Reddit which allows you to listen to subreddits. Select a subreddit where people post links to YouTube or Soundcloud, and it will try to play them all for you. Once it has started playing, all you have to do is let it go!

It uses JavaScript to read data from Reddit instead of processing it and storing it locally. This way the links returned should always be up to date and not depend on the performance of my server (and I don't have to worry about databases and all that messy stuff) ;-)

Requests and feedback

There's still a lot of stuff that can and will be done, so please let me know if you have any specific feature requests. I won't guarantee that it will make it in to Reddit Playlister, but I'm keen to hear all you have.


  • 2013/08/02 - Added a couple more subreddits, added a new Soundcloud handler powered by Soundcloud's newer APIs, added keyboard shortcuts, added support for links (not from post content), and some other bits and pieces.
  • 2012/04/19 - Added postrock, electrohouse, techno, minimaltech, and tech_house to the dropdown.
  • 2012/04/15 - Added EcouteCa, icm, ipm, funkhouse, nerdcore, and brostep to the subreddit list.
  • RPlaylister is out for Android!
  • 2012/04/09 - Added grime and SpaceMusic to the subreddit list.
  • 2012/04/04 - Added happyhardcore to the subreddit list.
  • 2012/03/27 - Added NeuroFunk to the subreddit list.
  • 2012/03/14 - Added jumpup, minimal, mlptunes, nudisco and queercore to the subreddit dropdown
  • 2012/02/27 - Added purplemusic, glitch, and glitchop.
  • 2011/10/16 - Added support for self posts with YouTube/Soundcloud links
  • 2011/10/10 - Added clippy to copy URL
  • 2011/10/07 - Added proghouse to the subreddit dropdown
  • 2011/10/06 - Added dub and reggae to the subreddit dropdown
  • 2011/10/05 - Added link for the current subreddits in RP at the end of the page (for sharing)
  • 2011/10/05 - Added liquiddnb and melodicmetal to the subreddit dropdown
  • 2011/09/26 - Added realdubstep to the subreddit dropdown
  • 2011/09/21 - Added ASMR and Frisson to the subreddit dropdown
  • 2011/09 - Patched a new error with embedded YouTube links, resulting in looping until another YouTube link was played
  • 2011/08/19 - Added ability to link directly to subreddits; eg
  • 2010/12/15 - Initial title display (in portable controls only so far), initial up/down vote functionality - Please send me a message if you have issues with this! At the time of this update there are JavaScript errors in the Reddit button code (which I don't have control over). Hopefully these are resolved soon!
  • 2010/12/10 - Now shouldn't double up tracks; Can now select hot/top/controversial (new might not be allowed via JSONP); Added a couple subreddits to the list
  • 2010/11/19 - Removed the need for YQL
  • 2010/11/17 - Added shuffle function
  • 2010/11/17 - Re-added ability to change subreddits on the fly
  • 2010/11/15 - Added volume and subreddits to saved options
  • 2010/11/15 - Added Soundcloud title fetching (for group style items)
  • 2010/11/10 - Extended multiple subreddit support
  • 2010/11/07 - Added basic multiple subreddit support
  • 2010/11/04 - Added "hide" button for items, small UI update
  • 2010/11/02 - Improved event handling for playlist items
  • 2010/11/02 - Rudimentary support for Soundcloud playlists/groups
  • 2010/11/02 - Saves options via cookies
  • 2010/10/24 - Layout and functionality tweaks
  • 2010/10/23 - Layout tweaks
  • 2010/10/23 - Added layout feature detection to try and get better visual performance off the bat
  • 2010/10/22 - All functionality now available in IE (not thoroughly tested)
  • 2010/10/19 - Tested in Opera


Media quality: If music is pausing frequently, lower quality reduces bandwidth usage and may improve playback performance (quicker buffering). If the chosen quality doesn't exist for the playing clip, it will choose the next lower quality automatically.
This only affects YouTube links.
Interface quality: Some browsers may struggle rendering gradients/shadows/etc. Enable "low" mode for better visual performance. "High" mode may not be available in your browser.
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Hey! I wanna play some tunes for you, but I dunno where to get them from. Would you like to pick one or more subreddits?

Sweet as. Now you can choose more subreddits, or just load the ones you've selected by clicking load items. I'll only load one Reddit page at a time, but I'll load more automatically.

+ Add Subreddit Load Items URL copied!

New update There are some notable changes that have been put in place. Please see the post at reddit for more details. - pocketninja

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